Is Kenya slowly catching up with the West and Embracing Members of the LGBT Community?

BY Sylvester Okumu,

October 11th, 2017,

Kenyan rap sensation, Noti Flow is causing stirs in the Showbiz again. The sexy rapper who has been full of controversy and unapologetic through her sexy and raunchy music video is back on the airwaves again.

This time with a new vibe on her dating life.

Appearing on a popular TV drama show, Noti confessed that she is dating Colonel Mustapha.

“Mustapha is my boyfriend and a very close buddy. We have been hanging out for a good time now. I like him as a person. In fact, I have archives of his photos way back before he even knew me.”

We all remember Mustapha- a former music sensation of the duo ‘Deux Vultures.’ He was a popular musician during the early 2000s when the group released hits after hits.

He has currently struggled to remain in the limelight musically.

The two are now starring on popular reality show-Nairobi Diaries. They have previously denied dating allegations, but with Noti’s confirmation, it is now crystal clear.

The musical star was once rumored to be dating Venessa Chettle, also a popular Kenyan in the entertainment industry.

Noti who is said to have lived in the USA with his dad as a kid, grew up to be a cheerleader which influenced her liking for girls.

She came into the musical-game rapping about sex and money and now has a hit song titled ‘Kamatia’ topping the Kenyan chat waves.





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