International Embarrassment: Only 50 kikuyus turn out for Jubilee Stage Managed protests in New Jersey Coordinated by U.N. Ambassador Macharia Kamau.


By the Editor.

October 8th, 2017,

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, Jubilee Supporters organized a barbecue party that turned into a protest match at Johnson Park; New Brunswick, New Jersey .The protest was a response to massive protests organized by NASA supporters in New York City and Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, the protest was a massive failure of significant magnitude. Only about 50 people showed up for the protest.

According to information obtained by the Kenyan Report— the protest which was sponsored by Macharia Kamau, Kenya’s ambassador to United Nations, New York ended up being mainly a Kikuyu affair as other Kenyan communities stayed away. However, this contrasts sharply with NASA protests that have witnessed support across Kenyans ethnic divide.

Text Messages obtained from what’s App group “Jubilee Strategic Team – NJ” seemed to indicate organizers expectations of such a failure. Members discussed how Ambassador Macharia advised them against holding the protest if they could not have a turn out similar to what NASA had during the New York protest. Please see the Texts below

NASA supporters have organized successful protests in major Cities across the United States to highlight issues affecting Kenya in the wake of the impending repeat election and rising political tensions between the ruling party Jubilee and the opposition coalition NASA.

More protests are planned in Washington D.C and London, United Kingdom.



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