Police Brutality On The Rise

By Akora Florence,

September 30th 2017,

In a book entitled “The Spiral of Violence,” Helder Camara,Catholic Bishop of Olinda and Recife-Brazil in the 1980s beautifully captures the nature of political violence. The first form of violence, he writes, is “The Status Quo”.The second form of violence is occasioned by the first form of violence: It takes place when people rise up to protest against oppression. The third form of violence is unleashed on the people in the form of police and Government leaning militias to restore law and order—Lately, Kenyans have witnessed the use of brutal force on unarmed civilians, defenseless students are rounded up in hostels, humiliated and brutalized indiscriminately. Why all these? Has the State permitted the Police so long a leash that defenseless Kenyans are brutalized without restraint? Is there a message that is being passed to Kenyans? A six-month baby got killed and the state continued functioning normally. Kenyans from all walks of life must be inspired to speak out against oppression. If anyone thinks the tyrants are on their side, they are fools. You will be the next one to be consumed. Police brutality and cessation of respect for the Constitution of Kenya is a sure sign that we are retreating to the dark past. The clock is ticking, we have a choice to retreat to our tribal cocoons and find ourselves in the sweeping rage of tyranny or hasten our freedom by fighting for justice.
The Writer is a Management Consultant and a Human Rights Activist in Western Kenya.


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