French Firm OT MORPHO in Another Major Biometric Scandal—Only This Time Involving The FBI


By Jectone Oyoo,

December 27, 2017,

As if we had not heard enough of the French Technology firm OT Morpho—a report by Buzzfeed indicates that the FBI might have purchased biometric data from a French firm called Sagem Securite’, which was later renamed Morpho. Morpho supplied the FBI the biometric software without disclosing that the code was originally created by a Russian Technology Company called Papillon.

This revelation was made by two whistleblowers to Buzzfeed— the two had worked with Morpho and felt that the concerns should be raised about USA’s national security granted that the firm involved Papillon has close ties to the Kremlin.

In what is turning out to be an embarrassing oversight Papillon is reported to have boasted in its marketing materials of having worked with various Kremlin agencies, among them, Federal Security Services (FSB), that is the successor to the moribund KGB.

Buzzfeed raises the likelihood of Russian hackers possibly gaining unauthorized access to the FBI and sensitive biometric data of millions of Americans, thus becoming a national security breach.

Sought for comment, the Former Director of Operational Policy for the National Security Agency’s elite hacking unit known as Tailored Access Operations(TAO)Tim Evans stated, ” The fact that there were connections to the FSB would make me nervous to use this software.” But according to a 2008 contract reviewed by Buzzfeed,  the code papillon sold to Morpho does not contain any backdoor capabilities that could allow unauthorized access.

This comes after a protracted diplomatic exchange between the Us and Russia in relation to the alleged hacking of 2016 elections.

It should also be remembered that in Kenya OT Morpho were the technology providers to the IEBC (Independent Electoral Boundaries Commision) and The National Super Alliance cried foul over the involvement of OT Morpho— Prime Minister Raila Odinga is on record as having written a protest letter to the French government terming OT Morpho an accomplice in the electoral fraud that was meted on Kenyans on 8/8/2017. At the height of the Supreme Court trial—Paul Muite the IEBC lawyer claimed that the servers could not be accessed because the French were asleep and therefore could not grant access to the server, OT Morpho never came out to disabuse that thinking and that led to many people thinking they were partners in crime with the IEBC and by extension they both colluded to deny Kenyans their rightfully elected leaders.

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